Thought Leaders of India 

THOUGHT LEADERS OF INDIA is the nation’s premium strictly-by-invitation Community of exceptional Industry Leaders across genres who have penned success stories on the fabric of national growth and now are ready to add value with their enormous expertise and experience at various levels. Through mentorship, advisory and exchange of ideas, they want to make an impact on lives, businesses and society and help bring about the much-needed change in India that all desire but only a select few can facilitate. These are the leaders who have come together as individuals or representatives of their organisations and want to uplift lives and transform communities in their endeavour to give back to society and nurture it inas many ways as they can. 

How Thought Leaders of India adds value to your Professional and personal Life

The Engagement Enclosure

 Impact Bouquet

The Nation-Building Impact ​

This high-level curated engagement will facilitate the Thought Leaders to contribute towards nation building in association with government bodies.

The Community Impact​

NGOs have been adding immense value to the lives of people, at times becoming parallel governance bodies. Carefully scrutinised and selected NGO Partners can be guided or lent a hand by Thought Leaders in their own individual ways.

The Learning Impact

Engagements that lead to personal enrichment, meetings and knowledge enhancement - by receiving or giving.

The Leaders of Tomorrow Impact​

Educational Institutions often look at Leaders from various vocations to give lectures at their campuses and guide GenNext. Some top educational institutes and universities are our partners.

The Accelerator Impact

India is the start-up nation of the world with hundreds of brilliant ideas waiting to be picked up, nurtured and guided to bloom. Thought Leaders can choose and mentor them.

The Memories of a Lifetime Impact​

No Leader can deliver his/her best without personal entertainment and enrichment through indulgences for the mind, soul and heart. Plenty of entertainment and fun engagements have been carefully decided for the Thought Leaders.

The Wellness Impact ​

There are hundreds of sports in India that need that slight push to create a storm. Thought Leaders can be catalysts in bringing glory to India by working with the Sports Partners. Also, specially organised addresses, workshops, matches and expeditions will increase their own fitness quotient.

Just Being Us

Success stories are not easy to build. Or, write. Or design. They often have a long path of trials, tribulations, dreams, building foundations beneath those dreams, research sagas, fund-sourcing initiatives, failures, rising above failures, retrials, lessons learnt and experiences taken before the destination is achieved. And at Destination Success further lie challenges, crisis, sustainability, upskilling and scalability waiting for additional attention, focus and sharpening of acumen.

Those who finally succeed in taking their endeavours to the top of the rung despite the dares and disasters, emerge as Leaders. Leaders who Innovate. Leaders who Inspire. Leaders who create an Impact.

Why create Thought Leaders of India?

After having reached the pinnacle of their profession, Thought Leaders look for meaningful engagements to wind down, network, partake in nation-building initiatives and enjoy peer-based experiences. Also, in the times when disparity and discord have become the bane of life and the governments find it difficult to manage the overwhelming needs and demands of society, the Thought Leaders can make a difference across spectrums of society through advisory, expertise and deliberations with the top decision makers. They can be part of thought forums and help arrive at solutions to mitigate problems. They can do a lot. And they can have immense value added to their personal, professional and family life too with engagements with their peers.

Hence, the Community: Thought Leaders of India.

Patron Members

The Community has some distinguished Patron Members. These are Leaders who have excelled in their personal and professional spheres and set such an irreproachable example of personal, professional and social conduct that most of us aspire to emulate them, to be like them, to learn from them. Lifetime Members of Thought Leaders of India, they are the guiding force of the Community. They will advise, endorse, approve, and guide the Community of Thought Leaders throughout.

Who can be Thought Leaders?