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Thought Leaders of India is an exclusive Business Community of Chairmen, Managing Directors, top CXOs (CEOs, CMOs, CHROs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs, CTOs, CSOs, CAOs, CKOs, CLOs, etc.) entrepreneurs, Founders, Partners and Function Heads in professional services and other leaders of the country across industries and across functions.

TLOI is an engagement and impact driven initiative. Normally, foundations and associations are groups of professionals of the same industry. Like associations of medical fraternity or engineers or lawyers. But TLOI brings together leaders from various industries and various functions in a single Community. Members of Thought Leaders of India belong to Pharma industry, Engineering, BFSI, Human Resources (Talent Acquisition), Sales & Marketing, Sustainability, Information Technology (IT), Architecture, Strategy, Media, Advertising, etc. to name a few. The ethos of TLOI is to create a positive impact on multiple platforms. It is a holistic engagement.

Plus, it gives every Thought Leader a personal concierge.

No, Thought Leaders of India is a ‘strictly by invitation’ Community of leaders who have arrived. The membership of a prospective Thought Leader will have to be endorsed by a Patron Member or any two existing members of the Community.

Lots. Value. Networking with peer group of various domains. Prospects for your areas of interest. Meaningful engagements. Listening to and interaction with national and international luminaries. Opportunities to enhance the learning curve. Contentment. Entertainment. Options to give back to society a little of what you received from it. Contentment of mentoring and hand-holding start-ups whose big idea has arrived. Chance to guide the Leaders of Tomorrow. Roundtables. Summits. Fun times. Destination get-togethers. Memories compiled in an album.

For everything you wish to do, TLOI stitches it all together for you.
  • You want to be valued as a Thought Leader, TLOI gives you access to Summits and even speaking slots wherever possible.
  • You want to share your expertise as a Thought Leader with students of higher studies, TLOI has tie-ups with good educational institutions and creates that platform for you, i.e., you want to help create the Leaders of Tomorrow, you have these students of higher studies to learn from your experiences.
  • You want to help an NGO in a particular field, TLOI has shortlisted and tied up with NGOS that are transforming lives in various areas and has their details ready for you.
  • You want to engage in sports activities, or your corporate house wishes to organise a sporting event, TLOI has sports organisations as its partners that it can connect you with and facilitate the matches or activities.
  • You want to listen to some famous international luminaries, TLOI is inviting a few for you.
  • You want to give back to society by giving a fillip to a start-up, TLOI has shortlisted a few start-ups for you to choose from and mentor.
  • You want to relax and have fun through a cooking and networking get together with other TLOI members and renowned chefs, TLOI is arranging unique engagements for you.
  • You want to listen to and interact with a film star or celebrity, TLOI is inviting film stars/ celebrities for an event created especially for you.
  • You want to have a relaxed chat on industrial goals and challenges with Patron Members, TLOI is putting together such a meet in a uniquely crafted manner.
  • Too bored of roundtables in oft repeated five star hotels all the time? TLOI plans to take you for a roundtable to Alibaug or Tungareshwar or Malshej Ghats for the roundtable and then throw in a little adventure or fun activities there – specially for you.
  • You want to go out on an excursion with the peers who are not just from your industry, TLOI will be arranging an outdoor meet of Thought Leaders at an exotic place with some pleasant surprises for you.
  • You want to interact with a royalty? TLOI is approaching some internationally known Indian royals to address you and interact with you.
  • You want to listen to industry leaders? TLOI is inviting some of the biggest names of the industry to speak with you.
  • TLOI is adding a fourth quadrant to your life. It is adding more value and creating a bouquet in every important area of your life not just for increasing the growth and learning curves but also creating a group of Thought Leaders you would like to mingle with.

As much as you like and as little as you choose. We will keep sending you invitations for engagements and activities. You can choose the ones you have time for and opt for the areas you want to make a deep impact in Sure.

  • Addresses by, and interactions with, renowned names
  • Panel Discussions – films, sports, knowledge themes, etc.
  • Fireside Chats
  • Cycle Tours / Trekking
  • Roundtable (in Alibaug or Lonavala once travel is resumed post lockdown)
  • Yoga (perhaps by the Beach – post lockdown and when normal living resumes)
  • Industrialist / Politician / Celeb father-mother or Corporate Honcho interviewing son/ daughter and vice versa
  • Cooking (by the Pool or a farmhouse — fun cooking or contest) / Karaoke Night
  • Health check-ups (Value addition, not an activity)
  • Picnics (outside Mumbai)
  • Networking Meets
  • Special Meets with Patron Members
  • There will be a minimum of one main engagement per month.
  • Engagements can be merged.
  • The individual engagements for a few members of the community expressing interest in speaking at educational institutions or mentoring a start-up or any such initiative will run parallel.
  • More engagements can be added as per the availability of members, invitees and opportunities.

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