Best Roomies

Biggest assets we will ever have are people around us .Our friends shape our outlook in life. Be it connections, discussing ideas, likes, or job opportunities, our friends enhance our life.

Until College, youth of our country are surrounded by friends/classmates in similar branches .However, when they graduate and are absorbed in the work stream, their paths diverge.

The initial 2 years after graduating from college, are often used by one in figuring their actual interest in professional life. This path often involves moving cities for pursuing a career. It’s this observation which made us work on BestRoomies (

When youth move to different cities, they tend to rent a room in PG or Flat on a sharing arrangement basis. This process often involves talking to brokers, talking to property owners and ending up sharing accommodation with complete strangers. The real problem begins after moving into a house and realizing there is not much in common with the roommate.

The Independent Property Owner (PG Owners and Apartment Owners) side as well, there have been issues. With upcoming and stiff competition from Third Party Co-Living companies, they are finding it hard to attract tenants. Our offline experience has taught they provide equally good if not better services with no hidden charges.

With the above two issues , we are building bestroomies with the aim to create a marketplace enabling youth to find roommates with similar goals or hobbies and landlords to directly find tenants ,promoting rise of collective intelligence.

In our offline mode, we helped over 600 women in Gurgaon find Roommates and Accommodation .We are now working on launching our platform, which accelerates this process. Hopefully, we are able to build a platform which gives confidence to any youth that won’t be lonely when moving places. Let’s build an Intelligent India.