The Goat Fund

Crypto investing is hard. This has led to millions and millions to stay away from investing in crypto.

Goat is conceptualized with the aim of simplifying and democratizing investing in crypto. While crypto assets have given super normal returns but only the most savvy have been able to benefit. Goat will enable retail investors to take an exposure on crypto assets in a simplified manner while at the same time benefit from sophisticated strategies. It will be an open-ended actively managed mutual fund in which retail investors can invest fiat and in turn will get Goats (fund tokens) or units. Each Goat/unit will represent investor’s share in the fund and the value of underlying assets much like units and NAV in Mutual Funds. It will offer a basket of crypto assets that will be synthesized basis the collective intelligence of decentralized Strategists (are independent individual investors who agree to share their portfolio for a fees). This unique strategy will help Goat build and offer a strong product and will be a source of competitive advantage.

On the regulatory side, Goat will have license to operate the fund across multiple geographies barring highly regulated ones like the USA, UK, etc. Goat will, therefore, be offered to clients across multiple geographies beginning with India.

Financial primitives like Mutual Funds in traditional finance space have done really well and the market for asset management is large. Similarly, we are seeing early signs of emergence of mutual funds for crypto. One, great example is of Titan Crypto that grew to $ 750+ M in AUM within a year of launch.


The space is exciting and large. Goat is looking to disrupt the space by offering the most simplified experience to investors and at the same time using a unique fund approach for a distinct advantage.