GreenPod Labs

Executive Summary:
GreenPod Labs is an Agri-biotech company developing sustainable solutions to minimize agricultural food waste in India. We have developed an active packaging sachet (Patented) that can extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. The product comprises natural plant extracts that can activate a defense mechanism within a fruit or vegetable to slow down the ripening rate and minimize the microbial attack at ambient temperatures.

When the volatile active ingredient is released it slows down the ethylene biosynthesis pathway and restricts microbial growth of fresh produce without any expensive technologies (refrigeration) and harmful chemicals (toxic).
The product has been tested by NABL certified labs to prove there is zero residue of the product on the crop after use and deosn’t impact the nutrition in any negative form. The company has already commercially launched products for 3 crops and working with more than 120+ customers.
Competitive Advantage:
– A proprietary and patented formulation and delivery model
– Use of all-natural bio-active compounds to activate the defense mechanism
– A cost-effective solution with easy adoption throughout the supply chain
– Customization based on volume, days, fruit/vegetable, and variety