Jiovio Healthcare

Jiovio Healthcare provides end-to-end solution that ensures the availability of high-quality maternal care for mothers in remote places. Jiovio provides personalized and predictive maternal care using Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT and wearable technology. It has devised an easy method to collect critical maternal data digitally and has developed many solutions to provide personalized maternal care in remote areas, where hospitals are often far away. The products of Jiovio Healthcare can be connected with a mobile application through which all the collected data of pregnant women in villages can be stored and used for providing home-based antenatal care. It helps in screening of high-risk pregnancy as well as sharing of the data with their healthcare providers. This ensures that the data can be collected digitally with minimal resources without the requirement of skilled manpower. The start-up’s products are more suited for remote places wherein they can be deployed with minimal fuss or resources. Its innovation has four major customers: a pregnant woman, her husband, a health worker and a doctor.

Jiovio’s product stack:

The Allowear: a wearable device will be given to the pregnant woman for continuous monitoring of her activities and giving timely reminders for medicine.

The AlloTricoder: An IoT based multi vital monitoring device along with the smartphone will be given to the health worker that measures vital information of six aspects in a single device, which, in turn, sends the data over to the cloud for analytics.

AlloLab: This health worker application helps to do the home-based check-up. It can connect with the medical device to collect vitals and symptoms through Bluetooth.

The AlloDoc: An AI-based doctors’ platform, which is given to doctors for monitoring the patients with a dedicated chat feature. They interact with patients with the help of the device that provides end-to-end appointment management system.

AlloGate: An AI-based integrated virtual healthcare platform for a community centre/clinic

AlloBoT: An AI-based personal assistant to detect high-risk patients and alert doctors.