Formed in 2009 by author Manjiri Joshi, a former journalist and her doctor parents, Maya CARE serves senior citizens in their own homes, assisting them to live active and happy lives with dignity. Over the last 12 years, Maya CARE has helped the elderly, free of charge, through 1,.400 free visits and has provided livelihood to 100 persons with disability (PWD) across 29 Indian and four UK cities.

The volunteers of Maya CARE provide domestic, medical, bank, IT, utility, travel, and special services. Under domestic services, they assist in purchasing and delivering groceries, vegetables, flowers, etc.; booking tickets for movies, theatre, bus, train, flight etc.; accompanying the elderly for walks in their society, temple, social gatherings etc.; and spending time with them by reading to them, playing indoor games; and picking up their lunch tiffin from the mess, sitting with them while they have lunch and deposit the empty tiffin box in the mess. Payment of the items purchased, however, is to be done by the elderly or their families.

Under medical services they accompany the elderly to the doctors, wait with them till the appointment is done and then drop them back home and assist in the delivery of medicines, medical reports, and surgical equipment for post -operative care. They also sit outside the ICU wherever needed. Under banking services, the volunteers accompany them to the bank and assist in cheque deposit, cash withdrawal, renewal of FDR and transfer of money. For IT services, they assist in making video calls, using various apps on their smartphone, getting print-outs of documents & photos from their emails and typing content that they wish to digitize.

The volunteers also assist in utility services by paying electricity /phone bills, house tax, and arranging documents for Aadhar card, Passport, Visa etc. They also help in travel services by accompanying them, pick up and drop off to and from the railway station, bus stand or airport and in packing bags, looking after their plants once they leave and in purchasing tickets for travel. It also organises singing and performing events etc. for the senior citizens. They also help in recommending nurses, full time maids, doctors, physiotherapists, care homes etc.

Maya CARE is looking to benefit from the knowledge, resources, advice and time from India Inc. in raising awareness about Maya CARE, offering its services in more cities in India and the UK, and raising funds so that it becomes self-sustainable and continues to serve people well beyond the work-lives and financial capacity of its founders. It needs more volunteers and is always open to senior citizens being recommended to it and PWD looking for work.