Ajay Garg

Mr. Ajay Garg is the Director & CEO of the SMC Group. He is a merit holder and fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). He has wide and rich experience of about 25 years in Securities, Commodities & Currency markets along with strong hold into the intricacies of capital market. He heads the core businesses of Broking & Clearing services and NRI & FPI businesses for the company. Mr. Garg has been awarded with ET’s Most Promising Business Leader of Asia – 2019 at The Economic Times – Asian Business Leaders Conclave, Singapore which is a testament of his leadership skills & futuristic approach. He has been recognized as ‘Top 10 Group CEOs of 2021’ by CEO Insights Magazine 

Our Exclusive Interview:

1. How would you describe yourself in 5 or less sentences? 

I am a people’s person, dynamic in nature, believer of goal setting and achieving. I believe in working hard smartly and capable of getting people excited and motivated to work toward the vision. Open minded to new ideas and try new things, bringing and spreading positivity all around. I try my best to be accessible for the people under me.  

2. What does work life balance mean to you? 

The saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” has never been so true. I have allotted few time slots exclusively for family time and me time and make sure it is thoroughly followed. Without this time no one can do excellent in their work life. We also have flexible working style so that everyone can maintain the balance. I also enjoy my hobbies during the weekends.  

3. What has been one of the biggest challenges as a leader? 

Work is part of life and they cannot be looked at as two separate things. When you enjoy your work it becomes an important part of your life and something that defines you. The key to enjoy life is to be in the moment 100%. I don’t think of work when I am with family and friends and I don’t think about stuff outside of work when I am working. 

4. Who do you look up to for inspiration? 

If i look outside our country, it is Robinhood as it caters to everybody not just the rich, they had an exponential growth with time. If i look in our country, it is Kotak Mahindra, as it has now Mutual fund and bank too, which is one of the top players in the industry, with smooth technology and achieving bold organic growth.    

5. What are the best ways that leaders can support other leaders, whether in the same organisation or a different organisation? 

The first and foremost step is the knowledge sharing and then setting some guidelines for mutual growth. The top leaders need to be encouraged too, to be given a chance to go further than their goals and giving them timely feedback. The best way to show support is by sharing our own challenges and how we handled it so that they can think and grasp the ways and means from such incidences.  

6. What is your suggestion to improving corporate India’s D&I quotient?   

We can have exclusive branches or business offices headed & operated by people from different ethnicity and religions like we have, we also have a women exclusive branch to promote women empowerment. It is the need of the hour to give equal opportunities to all, irrespective of the gender, age, ethnicity, religions, etc.  

7. Your perspective on sustainability and how do you promote it? 

Change is the only constant, to stay in the game we need to change too, so we have robust and cutting edge technologies being used for our apps and other versions. Since time is always changing, we keep the adaptability of our technology and products always in mind and take it as a priority in everything. 

8. If not a corporate leader, what would your professional identity be? 

I would have been IT engineer for sure; I have always been interested in technology and software. The changes in the world also need to be updated and hence that is a uncontrollable and ever evolving profession to join. The learning never stops there, it is vast and I like such learning challenges. 

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  1. Loyalty is priceless. 
  2. Fun and recreation is essential. 
  3. Experience vs Education –would give higher preference to experience. 
  4. Mountains or the beach: ideal vacation spot would be beaches. 
  5. Horror, Action, Adventure, Romantic, Comedy – favourite genre action.