Atul Suri

Atul Suri is a Strategic Business Unit Head, leading Six Business Divisions, across Cardiac, Anti-Diabetic and Gynaecology Therapy Areas at Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited.
Having served in the Indian Army for over 25 years before joining the Corporate World, Atul banks upon his vast and rich operational military experience in charting strategies and ensuring effective execution. 

In his Corporate Stint till now, he has been closely associated with Strategic HR and Leadership Development initiatives before assuming a leadership role in Sales & Marketing.

Atul’s service in the Army has been multi-faceted spanning active operations during the height of insurgency in Kashmir and Nagaland. He has led a Global Strategic Assignment with the United Nations in Africa and made pivotal contributions to Modernization of the Army while he was with the Ministry of Defence.

Atul has represented India as part of Delegations to Russia for procurement of Military Hardware and to Vietnam to enhance strategic cooperation.
With a Masters in Strategic Studies and another Masters in Management Studies, Atul has further obtained certifications in Human Resource Management from XLRI and in Labour Laws from Mumbai University.

Atul is a motivational speaker and a profound thought leader. He very often shares his experiences and perspective during Talks on Leadership, Strategy, Executive Presence and Human Resources at Seminars and leading Business Schools.

Our Exclusive Interview:

1. What does Leadership mean to you?

Leadership is all about accountability.

2. How do you keep your team motivated?

By adopting servant leadership with huge empathy.

3. It is said that a leader is as good or as bad as his/ her team. Do you agree? Why?

A leader can ONLY be as good as his / her team; NEVER BETTER. If the leader feels he /she is better, it is incumbent on the leader to make them as good or even better than themselves.

4. How do you delegate responsibility? What is your mantra for making your team accountable?

Accountability can be engendered ONLY if the team member takes total ownership of the responsibility delegated to him / her. Responsibilities, therefore, need to be assigned based on the capability and potential of the team member. There should always be an element of ‘stretch’ to make achieving the intended outcome aspirational.

5. Have you struggled with work-life balance? How did you handle it? How do you handle it even now?

Prioritization is the key to maintaining a Work – Life Balance. Efficient time management will help you achieve this seemingly impossible balance. I build my workday around my family’s routine, so that one can spend quality time with them. Another way is to mesh and converge the hobbies that you have with that of your spouse / children / parents. Like playing squash / golf together or going for treks together.

7.What are you most proud of in your organisation? How did you go about achieving it and ensuring it sustainability?

To be known as a 114 year YOUNG Company that is very ethical is something that I am very proud of in Alembic. Over the last 7 years that I have been with Alembic, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that. It does get difficult with a widely dispersed and largely unsupervised work force. However, with great diligence and commitment, one has been able to make sure it gets ingrained in the culture of the organization.

8.What matters to you the most – loyalty of your employees or loyalty to your customers/ clients?

Loyalty is an omnidirectional virtue. You’ve got to be loyal to the Company. Loyalty to employees or customers will automatically fall in line. Whenever in doubt, you have to ask yourself if the action is for the greater good of the organization or not.

9.How important is intellectual exchange for you? How do you seek it, and where?

Intellectual exchange is the very Oxygen for any professional. The quality of one’s perspective only gets deeper and more relevant with multi- disciplinary, cross-industry and multi-cultural exchanges. I participate in various fora, not just restricted to my current industry, but across all sectors, functions and roles. Regular interactions with students, academia and other professionals serves this purpose well.

Know the Person

  1. Money to you is not currency
  2. Your favourite film is Jane Bhi Do Yaron (Unadulterated Comedy)
  3. Your favourite food is Dal-Chawal
  4. Your favourite film star (male) is ______(Am not a movie guy)
  5. Your favourite film star (female) is _______(Am not a movie guy)
  6. Your favourite holiday destination is any city with History
  7. Friendship to you is lifelong
  8. The person you admire the most is anyone who is honest and humble.
  9. Your dream is to be able to Day Dream all Day.
  10. Your best kept secret is best kept as a secret.