Dipen Thakkar

Dipen is a experienced Technology Risk professional with over 15 years of consulting experience in Financial Services sector. Among others, his focus has been in IT Audits ,IT SOX / BCBS Control Testing,Integrated Risk and Control Assessments , Build and manage Control Testing / IT, Internal Audit COEs ,Controls Automation ,Controls Monitoring and Measurement ,Identity and Access, Management,Governance & PMO, Regulatory Compliances.

Our Exclusive Interview:

1. How would you describe yourself in 5 or less sentences?

I would describe myself as a hardworking and passionate individual who loves his work and his family. Focused and a go-getter knows what he wants and is on track to get it super soon.

2. What is the one quality you admire in today’s leaders and what is the one quality you find lacking them?

Quality a admire: Vision and the guts to give 100% for their visions

Quality a find lacking: Trust and connect with their people – I feel the trust and connection with their folks is missing big time.

3. What does work life balance mean to you?

Cut-offs – work life balance is nothing but to understand the importance of cutting off.

4. Who do you look up to for inspiration?

My kids and my mother. My Kids inspire me to see the simple aspects of the world without stressing too much. My Mother inspire me as her journey shows me how nothing in this world is permanent – specifically the hardships

5. What was the last book you read and how did it impact you as an individual

Ikigai – The Japanese book of happiness – it made me learn how to find the mojo in life..

6. What do you do to rejuvenate, to get back in touch with yourself?

Spend time with my Kids and Family

7. Your take on open door policy.

100% Trust is one of the most important aspect of corporate culture and for that open door

8. What is the next milestone you wish to achieve that keeps you driving forward.

Will share once I achieve it.

9. In today’s day and age, how can leaders build a culture of employee wellbeing?

Compassion, Trust and Gratitude – People never leave their companies … they leave their bosses. Leader needs to understand how people play the most important role.

10. If not a corporate leader, what would your professional identity be??

A Chef or an Actor.


Know the Person

1. Loyalty to you is Trust

2. Fun and recreation to you is Family

3. Experience vs Education – what would you give higher preference to Experience (the better question is Intent vs Ability)

4. Mountains or the beach: your ideal vacation spot would be Beach with Mountains

5. Horror, Action, Adventure, Romantic, Comedy – your favourite genre Romantic comedies.