Girdhar Balwani

A general management, healthcare professional with 40 years’ experience across the Asia-Pacific region consistently surpassing P&L deliverables. Have demonstrated strengths in sales, marketing and business development, besides supervision of medical, manufacturing (both formulations and API), finance and human resources. Set up, nurtured and grew affiliates in the Asia Pacific region. 
Specialties: Have a high level of business acumen including ability to build solid business plans based on analysis and understanding of pharmaceutical issues/opportunities. Am curious about new ideas and stimulated by possibilities for contributing to the growth of the business. Have demonstrated superior leadership abilities and thrive on the desire to draw out the best in others and encourage their growth. 


Our Exclusive Interview:

1. How would you describe yourself in 5 or fewer sentences? 

High level of business acumen combined with a philosophical bent of mind. Curious about new ideas and stimulated by possibilities for contributing to the growth of others by bringing out the best and encouraging them. Enjoy travel and social interactions and networking opportunities

2. What is the one quality you admire in today’s leaders and what is the one quality you find lacking them? 

Admire: Commitment towards progress. 

Lacking: Populist 

3. What does work life balance mean to you? 

Have enough time to pursue hobbies, spend time with family / friends and maintain good health. 

4. What has been one of the biggest challenges as a leader? 

Managing poor performers. 

5. Who do you look up to for inspiration? 

Colleagues (past & present) and Friends. 

6. What are the best ways that leaders can support other leaders, whether in the same organisation or a different organisation? 

Build trust – obtain and provide feedback when required. 

7. What was the last book you read and how did it impact you as an individual 

No Self, No Problem: How Neuropsychology is catching up to Buddhism by Chris Niebauer Helped in connecting the dots between basic truths learnt while growing up and the newly emerging findings in neuroscience as they pertain to mindfulness and silence.  

8. What do you do to rejuvenate, to get back in touch with yourself?  


9.Your take on open door policy. 

Absolutely essential 


Know the Person

  1. Loyalty to you is – Mutual respect 
  2. Fun and recreation to you is what makes you happy – networking socially with like – minded people 
  3. Experience vs Education – what would you give higher preference to – Experience 
  4. Mountains or the beach: your ideal vacation spot would be – Beach 
  5. Horror, Action, Adventure, Romantic, Comedy – your favorite genre – Comedy