Kamal Verma

Kamal Verma is currently CEO of Water Business Group of Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd. and responsible for managing Water & Wastewater Treatment Business.

Kamal Verma is graduate in Civil Engineering and MBA with more than 30 years of professional experience in EPC and Infrastructure business. Kamal has around 8 years of CEO/ MD level leadership experience with P&L responsibility. He has significant experience in business strategy, business development, project management, change management, contract administration, financial management, design, construction and P&L for large-scale EPC/ PPP businesses in sectors like Water & Wastewater, Roads & Bridges, Metro Rail, Hydro Power, Nuclear Power & Special Projects. Handled more than a dozen PPP/ BOT projects.

Kamal earlier worked in leadership roles with companies like HCC, Aqualyng AS Norway, CEC Taiwan, DHV Netherlands, Degremont (Suez Group) and Mott MacDonald.

Kamal is widely networked and recognized in Indian & International forums on EPC / Infrastructure. He has been invited as ‘Speaker’ for more than 50 Seminars/ Conferences in India, Germany and Malaysia.

Our Exclusive Interview:


1. What does Leadership mean to you?

It means not being afraid to roll up your sleeves once in a while and doing some dirty work. It is when you take ownership of something and see to it that it’s completed well.

2. How do you keep your team motivated?

Quarterly Town Halls, open door policy, appreciating teams’ work, rewarding team and playing cricket with team members.

3. What is your mantra for making your team accountable?

Delegation is key of success for any medium to large organisation. I have delegated responsibility & authority to all HODs according to annual budget. SOPs are prepared to make the team accountable.

4. How can leaders influence their team and other employees in the organisation to achieve the objectives of the organisation?

Leaders have a tremendous impact on company functioning. They set the agenda, prioritize work, manage, lead, and delegate. Strong leaders provide a sense of vision, purpose, mentorship, and inspiration to those they lead. Today’s diverse workforce is reshaping what it means to achieve personal and professional success.

5. How would you describe your leadership style?

My leadership style is team work and help clearing the bottlenecks from team members functions. I rarely shout on people rather I call number of meetings to understand and sort out the issues.

6. How do you define your mission and vision for your organisation?

Water Business Group should become a best in class entity in next 3 years’ time and Equipment Business should become a Rs. 100 Crores entity in next 4 years. To achieve these targets, we have plans to internationalise the operations.

7. How does competition affect your strategies towards your organisation – for productivity, for turnover, for employees?

Competition affects us in re-looking inwards on how we can reduce the costs, how we can operate more efficiently, and how we can improve the productivity. Ultimately, we have to be competitive without compromising on integrity and quality. At times, we decide to reduce our margins to beat the competition so that company continues to get the business and turnover is maintained and employees are engaged.

8.How important is intellectual exchange for you? How do you seek it, and where?  

Intellectual exchange is important and I am generally in touch with peer companies, competitors, vendors, etc. Also, I have been speaking on several Seminars/ Webinars wherein we discover many new developments in our area of work.

Know the person

1. Money to you 

important but not everything

2. Your favourite film 

3 Idiots

3. Your favourite food 

Home made food

4. Your favourite film star (male) 

Amitabh Bachchan

5. Your favourite film star (female) 

Hema Malini

6. Your favourite holiday destination  


7. Friendship to you 


8. Your best kept secret 

Badminton playing