Kapel Guptaa

Kapel has 14+ years of experience in Alternative Asset Management spanning over Fund life cycle from inception to exit. Prior to MegaDelta, he was heading operations and investor servicing for Edelweiss Alternative Asset Advisors for 3 years managing operations of 9 Credit Funds worth ~$ 2.0 Bn+, where he designed & implemented Fair Valuation policy for the Funds to align with global standard industry practices. Before Edelweiss, he was acting CFO for a $ 100 Mn real estate Fund based in UK for 8 years, where he spearheaded Funds structuring, deal structuring, deal documentation, asset management, investor reporting, treasury management, taxation & compliance. He has also had extensive experience in Advisory and Assurance experience with Ernst & Young (Transaction Advisory and Assurance & Advisory)

Kapel Gupta 2

Our Exclusive Interview:

1. How would you describe yourself in 5 or less sentences?

An objective, result-oriented, no-non-sense person along with being a creative & out of the box thinker. This also results in being less diplomatic and impatient. I strongly believe and practise efficient & disciplined use of time.

2.What is the one quality you admire in today’s leaders and what is the one quality you find lacking them?

Adoption of technology along with creativity is admirable. However, prevalence of integrity, transparency & honesty is unknown

3.What does work life balance mean to you?

Peaceful time for self & family without compromising on work deliverables. This requires disciplined approach to work, efficient time utilization and may also mean limiting ones framework of operation

4.What has been one of the biggest challenges as a leader?

Managing people working for you to deliver the expectations of your bosses or Investors

5.Who do you look up to for inspiration?

Peers, industry leaders, country leaders, cricketers & other personalities.

6.What are the best ways that leaders can support other leaders, whether in the same organisation or a different organisation?

Sharing experiences, seeking help & offering selfless & committed solutions to problems

7.What was the last book you read and how did it impact you as an individual

Not a reader

8.What do you do to rejuvenate, to get back in touch with yourself?

Sudarshan Kriya, Meditation, Gyming & spending self time over coffee.

9. Your take on open door policy.

It’s required with certain conditions to avoid being taken for granted and resulting in waste of time. One should be open to help and approachable, however, for genuine reasons & not for covering up inefficiencies.

10. What is your suggestion to improving corporate India’s D&I quotient.

Need more context

11. What is the next milestone you wish to achieve that keeps you driving forward.

Buying a luxury home in Mumbai

12. In today’s day and age, how can leaders build a culture of employee wellbeing?

By being considerate & respectful towards people in general & specifically for people who help you move ahead in your professional goals

13. Your perspective on sustainability and how do you promote it?

Need more context

14. If not a corporate leader, what would your professional identity be?

A good & helpful person

15. An instance that dint work for you, that actually worked for you in the hindsight.

Yes, when I was rejected for internship at a renowned organisation, however, within few days, got into a big four firm, which was much more valuable & prestigious


Know the Person

1. Loyalty to you is honesty
2. Fun and recreation to you is coffee
3. Experience vs Education – what would you give higher preference to education
4. Mountains or the beach: your ideal vacation spot would be Mountain
5. Horror, Action, Adventure, Romantic, Comedy – your favourite genre Romedy