India is home to approximately two crore pet dogs. About 1.9 Crores other domestic pets are also currently kept in homes. Annually, about 6 lakh more are being adopted. Almost 2 years of pandemic has seen a rise in pet adoptions. This has also shown a huge rise in the Pet industry. From pet hostels to walkers, photographers, Pet communicators, pet friendly places and list goes on and on. The annual growth rate which was around 13-14% before the pandemic is now over 19%. The market has also shown the pet parents being very specific about each and every need of their furry friend. During our research and interaction with a few pet parents, they claimed their monthly expense on their furry kid was more than their 2 legged Kids.  

Today, there is no single platform where pet parents & lovers can get connected to all the pet professionals (online as well as offline) and services without any hassle. The idea of Perfectail is to connect all the services that are used by pets and their parents across a pet’s life journey. Currently launched in Pune, with over 20 categories across the 7 stages, we plan to take it pan India by 2022. The vision is to be the partners for every pet professional and pet related business. The aggregator platform is just the start which help us identify the pain points from the business perspective as well as work on the awareness towards animal welfare.