Shraddhanand Mahilashram

Formed in 1927, Shraddhanand Mahilashram is one of the oldest NGOs in India. It focuses on welfare and rehabilitation of women & children (without any discrimination of religion, caste and race) by way of shelter, adoption, education, job placement and marriages. Its main centre is at Matunga in Mumbai. 

Home to over 20,000 destitute women and abandoned children and children with special needs, the ashram has got over 400 girls married and nearly 2963 orphan children adopted by loving families. 

It has transformed many lives. Like that of a smart little girl from a remote area who, after receiving emotional support to adjust to the city environment, successfully completed a professional course in Cosmetology, along with a B.A. She now supports her husband in his business. Or the daughter of a single mother who lost her voice on her mother’s demise. After receiving emotional support and counselling at the ashram, she went on to complete her S.S.C., got recruited in Police Force at Mumbai, married a fellow policeman and is a Head Constable herself today. Or a shy orphan girl who completed B. Com. in first class and is employed at Saraswat Bank as a junior officer. 

Shaddhanand Mahilashram’s aim is to provide higher education, better employability and good technology skills to the girls and women it nurtures. It is tying up with Enguru App to make them fluent in English. It is extending its hostel facility at Kurla for low-income group women to provide safe and secure accommodation to women who come to Mumbai and is striving to improve its facility at Vruddhashram (Old Age Home) at Vasai and to continue to provide better psycho-social support. 

It got a Social Audit conducted by S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research to review internal processes. The NGO intends to improve its existing facilities and expand its services in related areas.