Sshrishti’s primary goal is to strive towards enriching and empowering the lives of the most underprivileged sections of our society. Ranging from providing education to children living in urban slums, to skill development and digital literacy projects aimed towards the benefit of youth and women, Sshrishti has been working tirelessly to alleviate the fundamental issues of those in need.

Begun in 2003 as a home initiative of the Founder, Sshrishti now has its projects spread all over the country. Sshrishti proactively puts in efforts into the upliftment of children, youth and women through several different projects functioning in tandem. These projects are primarily aimed at primary/remedial education, digital literacy and women empowerment. They provide a useful base for ready access to educational and occupational privileges that are not otherwise available to many of the impoverished sections of the population residing in our country.

We have six learning centres set up all over Delhi which provide remedial/primary education to underprivileged children from select urban slums within the city. We are also involved in upholding gender justice and empowering women to have an independent voice through Sshrishti’s Mahila Panchayat initiative. Sshrishti’s Asha Centre, Noida provides regular classes for women to engage in skill development and adult literacy.

In Uttarakhand, we provide tech-based learning for children and youth belonging to some of the most underprivileged sections of Uttarakhand, specifically the districts of Nainital and Almora. We provide classes for computer literacy and are focused towards improving their learning outcomes. Computer centres have been set up in impoverished urban and rural communities in order to supplement schooling and to foster employability. The objective has been to improve educational outcome of the students in the region, by developing vital communication skills and through other community development programs. We also provide classes for development of job-oriented skills, viz. accounts, coding, and spoken English.