The Feline Foundation

The Feline Foundation is an animal welfare NGO located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Established in 2017, we are an 80G and 12A certified organization.

Every year we help thousands of homeless stray dogs and cats who are impacted by living in very harsh conditions on the street. We do this by providing low-cost spay-neuter services and medical rehabilitation for stray cats in our facility, as well as affordable veterinary care for all community animals. To date, The Feline Foundation has completed 4500+ sterilization operations, rehabilitated 1500+ trauma cases, and treated over 12000+ animals at our low-cost veterinary clinic.

It is our mission to bring the city’s stray animal population to a healthy and sustainable level and help them live in harmony with people – especially stray cats as their welfare and needs have been neglected. We are the first NGO in Maharashtra that systematically addresses the needs of community cats.

Our programs:

Population Monitoring and Control – We conduct routine sterilization/Animal Birth Control to prevent the birth of hundreds more cats on the streets.

Rehabilitation and Placement – We rescue vulnerable stray cats in our care and provide them with medical treatment until they are recovered and ready for return to their home territories.

Community Veterinary Clinic – We provide quality veterinary care at low cost to all dogs and cats in need, whether pet or stray, so that no animal goes without basic healthcare.

Community Involvement – We educate and empower the community to help stray animals via awareness campaigns, volunteering, workshops, and one-on-one guidance.